Friends of the Robert W. Barlow Memorial Library - 3-D Printer

3-D printer

3-D animals and toys

A 3-D printer was purchased for the Robert W. Barlow Memorial Library with this grant. About the printer, Library Director, Erin Andrews, says, "Our 3-D printer purchase allowed the Barlow Library to highlight a new and emerging technology that many people in the community had never been exposed to. Though our printer is on a small scale, it gives a glimpse of the possibilities of 3-D printing for everyday uses. Any time we can expose people to new ideas, we feel we have contributed to our community."

As far as how the printer has changed the way the public interacts with the library, Andrews explains, "We have our 3-D printer in a public space for all to watch. The printer gets the attention of patrons, from little ones up to our senior citizens. The printer generates questions every time it is in use. We welcome the opportunity to explain how the printer works and what materials are used to make the printable objects."

With the printer, they have printed 3-D animals and toys as well as provided an ... "an innovative tool for the community."