Hardin County Sheriff's Office - Ogon the K-9

Ogon, the K-9

The Hardin County Sheriff's Office added Ogon, pictured above, to the team after receiving their grant. Regarding how Ogon has changed the public's lives, Sheriff Dave McDaniel says, "It has most certainly given us the ability to provide a better service to the citizens of Hardin County.  The K-9 has aided in the apprehension of fleeing individuals, as well as several drug/narcotic arrests.  It is another of many tools needed to provide the safest community possible."

McDaniel goes on to say, "We know that having a K-9 is a great asset from a law enforcement standpoint.  We also see the benefit from the support of the public.  A lot of citizens were involved in achieving the goal of implementing the K-9 program. We are often asked about Ogon, and the successes he’s having, and we believe people have a real sense of ownership with him. We have a K-9 program because of the citizens of Hardin County."